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Friday, January 21, 2011

Is Emergen-C just plain Stupidit-E?

Honestly, I don't get the hype over this product.
Emergen-C doesn't work
Yes, Vitamin C is great for the body. Yes, Vitamin C boosts the immune system. Yes, Vitamin C can even cure allergies.
Emergen-C sucks Emergen-C sucks Emergen-C doesn't work
But drinking one gram of Vitamin C is little more than taking a spoonful of sugar. First of all, one gram of Vitamin C is hardly enough to do anything. Most of us are malnourished when it comes to Vitamin C anyway, because we're chronically Vitamin-C deprived, such that we really need at least 2-3 grams per day...even when we're healthy. (See here as to why we need far beyond the National Academy of Science's recommended dosage of 60 mg)

Second, I'm sure it tastes great and all when you're sick - but there's hardly any health benefit! It's much more cost-effective AND health-effective to get a bottle of chewable Vitamin C 500 mg tablets and munch on those all day.

In fact, even the company has no faith in their product. Their website says:
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Not intended to treat? I can understand not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent - but not intended to treat? Then why the heck am I using this product for?

Bottom-line: This product's more of a marketing ploy than a useful product. But if you're really intent on trying some for free, they're doing a special "free samples" program right now where you can get a packet through the mail.


  1. The label "Not intended to diagnose, treat,..." is put on there because the product is not an FDA-approved medicine that has to show efficacy. This statement is required by the FDA. If emergen c underwent clinical trials to prove safety and efficacy and was classified as a drug, then they would be allowed by the FDA to put indications (or what said drug is used for) on the label.

  2. In response to the following statements:
    "Yes, Vitamin C is great for the body. Yes, Vitamin C boosts the immune system. Yes, Vitamin C can even cure allergies."
    I would urge you to read the page below. It's not long.

  3. The only thing FDA approved means is money for prescription drug companies!!
    People need vitamins and minerals not FDA approved drugs!!

    1. Wow, with that kind of mentality we would be back to snake oil salesmen and thinking mercury cured disease. Yes, the FDA is a bureaucratic roadblock to many things, but it prevents a lot of fake and even poisonous crap from being sold as medicine.

    2. Really? like the vaccines that our children are recieveing that are killing babies around the clock and causing horrible neurological problems in children

      i.e. last year there were 60. of those 60 "S.I.D.S." deaths. 6 children died withing 12 hours of recieveing the DTaP shot and were labled as S.I.D.S. another 13 dies withing 48 hours of recieveing the DTaP shot and were labled as S.I.D.S. almost half of the S.I.D.S deaths from last year occured within 1 week of recieveing the DTaP shot.

      and that is only 1 of more than 32 shots that our children are recieving. I could site studies and clinical trials from GLAXOSMITHKLINE were they admit that there shots have killed and continue to kill childre.

      OH YEA THE FDA IS GREAT, almost as good as the CDC

    3. And the millions of children who would have died with out those vaccinations? We don't put that math into the equation? 60 dead kids is nothing compared to where we would be without vaccinations.

  4. Where is the science in this "review"?

  5. it's at great to drink this after a night of drinking. cures hangovers.

  6. Vitamins are more easily ingested through foods. If you just drink emergen-c, most of it should come back out. Why can't people just EAT foods with vitamin C?

  7. I got herpes once, and took Emergen-C. Guess what? Blisters and scabs gone in just a few days. I took Emergen-C for a bad case of the crabs once also, and guess what? Gone! Then I had a bad case of the flu and took Emergen-C. Gone in hours. The stuff works. Trust me.

  8. crabs? herpes? call me a prude - but i don't think I'll "trust you".
    bravo to the individual who called it like it is: marketing to the masses.

  9. Can't comment on the efficacy but just based on the supplement facts on the back it's a decent multi-vitamin dose in a convenient sterile package that also encourages you to drink enough water. (I usually need at least 16oz, though other people may use less.) You can get cheaper multivitamins obviously, but on days I forget or I'm starting to feel off during flu season in the office I've found it works pretty well. Added bonus, it seems to have a slightly longer shelf-life than most multis.

    So to sum up, I don't think it's a cure-all but I don't feel like I'm getting ripped off either.

  10. great to drink this after a night of drinking.?
    Alacer Emergen C

  11. I wouldn't call this stuff a cure but i definitely felt alot better after drinking it.the only disadvantage was some wicked diarrhea probably do to a vitamin c od


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