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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Careful with your products!

Whenever I look up information about Clear Care, I find a lot of people who have made mistakes and burned their eyes by putting the hydrogen peroxide solution into their eyes, despite the directions repeatedly and explicitly warning them NOT to do this. These people then blame the product, rather than taking personal responsibility.

Instead of taking personal responsibility, the complaints about Clear Care are always something along the lines of "poor labeling and packaging! They should have made a bigger deal out of this" or "the bottle looks too much like normal lens solution." Everything Under Review has an entire list of consumer complaints, from "Clear Care will burn your eyes" to "I will never buy Clear Care again!"

Where have we gotten to as a society? Are we so irresponsible that we can't do anything but blame some
company for our faults, especially when the information is RIGHT THERE?? Are these the same people who will sue McDonald's for spilling hot coffee over themselves? And are we such sheep that we'd put any damn product into our bodies without first finding out how it even works? It's incredible how scientifically advanced we are, yet no one seems to be scientifically literate. But the most incredible thing of all is how naive everyone is that people are using strange chemicals left and right without thought.

Fortunately, if your scientific knowledge is a bit lacking, you still have this blog. If anybody has a question or concern, email us at and we'll try to answer you guys as best we can!

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